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Audio digital technology began to appear in front of us
Release date:2013-08-09 Views:1383

In 1957 Thorens launched the world's first non magnetic disk TD1241983 TD126MK CCentenial turntable celebrating the 100 anniversary of the launch of the more analog times better leave wonderful witness. At that time, learning ability strong Japanese manufacturers began to cut a striking figure. YAMAHA KT-1 player got good evaluation. Neumann studio with turntable so.
Digital oriented era, after this, LP is celebrating its most glorious moments, but also began its exit from the mainstream stage time. Because digital technology began to appear in front of us. The next period, we will provide the reader.
Other topics in this period, worthy of our attention: in 1940, Walt Disney produced the first stereo film Fantasia (fantasy). 60 years later, Disney released "Fantasia 2000" DVD to commemorate this historic moment. In 1946, Tokyo Telecommunications Corporation was founded. 12 years later, it launched the world's first transistor radio to SONY brand.