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Digital audio generally refers to the current market the use of digital audio power amplifier
Release date:2013-08-09 Views:1440

  Encyclopedia of business cards, digital audio generally refers to the current market the use of digital audio power amplifier, high-definition digital display sound, part of the product support reading SD, TF and so on these memory processor, such as the rover, Microlab, be there or be square, Lang Qin these speakers brand are the production of digital audio, digital audio with its stylish compact, portable, to meet the daily entertainment, let you feel the joy of sharing.

Name: digital audio, digital audio power amplifier, function characteristics:: TF/SD/U disk, on behalf of the brand: Microlab, be there or be square, Walker, Lang Qin, structure: speaker, cavity, power amplifier. Structure of digital audio speaker, amplifier, mainly composed of three parts.

Speaker, speaker (speaker) in the digital audio equipment is one of the most weak devices, and for digital audio effect, it is one of the most important components. Digital audio speakers for electric speaker, it uses the interaction force between the voice coil and the constant magnetic field of the vibration film sound and vibration, which is characterized by fast response speed, small distortion, playback quality is exquisite, the level of good sense.