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Digital audio power amplifier IC Audio equipment with high efficiency
Release date:2013-08-09 Views:1323

Digital audio power amplifier IC Audio equipment with high efficiency; fully support hot plug, easy to use; USB sound card function (AUX principle is the same, but the quality is better, the circuit independent amplifier) amplifier; good effect;
Volume 10, a lightweight design, convenient for outdoor sports. In fact, this problem is easy to solve, may be considered from the aspects of controlling production cost without this interface.

Technical parameters of size: 88 x 88 x 23mm (LWH) output power: 3W (1.5W x 2); impedance: 4 ohm; frequency response: 90HZ ~ 20KHZ; signal-to-noise ratio: ¡Ý 80dB; FM radio with a display screen; the audio input: TF/Aux; power supply: USB/ built-in lithium battery 300mAh.

Main problems: the loudspeaker specifications, used PC 2.1 computer users may find this sound is not good enough; probably use some public mold's sake, generally no headset interface. But from the digital audio main purposes, should be portable and speaker, if over emphasize the earphone interface is actually tend to MP3, so this problem is not important.