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Two characteristics of multifunctional combined outdoor mobile audio power amplifier
Release date:2013-08-09 Views:1333

The characteristics of high power amplifier by the text is not able to better understand power quality. High quality power amplifier can be quickly response peak music signal, at the same time can be a powerful bass, and in low distortion / can provide stable output low noise state. To meet these requirements, you must have the following two points:

One is the excellent performance of the power supply
This is the key to power quality. The power supply part and the amplifying section should be separation design, can reduce noise. The large step-up transformer to improve the current supply stable, and large capacitor, it can react more quickly, the supply current amplification required.

Two, the built-in frequency divider
No matter how good the function of power amplifier, the actual installation of outdoor mobile sound in multi function, configuration problem can also be due to sound problems, various speakers and could not reach the best effect. The built-in frequency divider has two advantages: first, the system has the scalability, can be freely combined the power amplifier and the loudspeaker. Secondly, the simple and easy adjustment. That makes the whole system quality improvement.