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Buy a tie sound should pay attention to what
Release date:2013-08-09 Views:1710
First of all, you need to know to buy their own sound. Is the emphasis on sound quality or volume, or both, if you just play in the general election oriented more. The more detailed can also listen to what type of music, what to do. Because each brand, each type of speakers have different characteristics, according to your preferences are convenient.
Then, is the budget. The brand sound box price of different large, from a few thousand dollars to several million have. If it is generally play only one thousand yuan to five thousand yuan this interval can be, mainly according to their own economic situation to decide.
Third, according to your love style and the activities of the site area selection. If you are a selection of sound quality audio, will consider you like music, classical music, romantic music, country music, jazz...... Site area, if the area is too small can not be chosen too large power box, and if a large area, music Pusheng battery sound recommend you to choose sound power of sound.
Fourth, is to understand the necessary sound knowledge. Sound is a kind of high scientific and technological content of things, very professional, ordinary people do not know much about it, go to the video shop can only be the clerk suddenly, spend the money. So I suggest to buy online before know more about audio knowledge, buy Audio will no longer blind (Cisco's sound, professional production of various kinds of audio).
Fifth, choose a brand, we must understand some relevant information, in particular have bought the feelings of the people (this is important), there are many online.
Sixth, buy, was easy. Can go to the store to buy, can also be ordered on line. The average online would be cheaper than the physical store, more value, you can according to choose their own how to buy. Buy online to caution.